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Starting the Conversation about Flash Wireless--Part 2

Starting the Conversation about Flash Wireless--Part 2

In Part 1, we discussed the types of questions to ask customers to begin the conversation about Flash Wireless. Now we are going to show you how to keep that conversation going. From the conversation so far, you should be able to place the potential customer into one of three segments:

Data Essentials--Data (and to a lesser extent, voice) performance really matters. This segment is willing to trade performance for budget. Flash Green (and, in most metro areas, Flash Purple) are the most likely networks for this segment. If the word Hotspot comes up, be prepared to discuss the inclusion of Hotspot in our Unlimited and Family Plan offerings.

Connectivity on a Budget--Most families are in this segment. Budget is more important than data performance, but, in most cases, they will not compromise on voice and text connectivity, especially in their home or office. This segment is more open to Voice over Wi-Fi solutions (coming soon to all of our networks), and are more open to adopting new technologies if they can save money. Note: this segment also has a budget for television, broadband, and energy

Listen carefully. Low Loyalty/Usage/Dependence--“I have a cell phone.”  While their stories are not as glamorous as other segments, this segment is the most likely to say “yes” to help out a family member or friend. They tend to use less data, but still expect a dependable, easy to activate, and easy to maintain service. The most important follow up question for this segment is “When did you buy your cellphone?” as they have Galaxy SIII, S4 and iPhone 4S makes and models. While budget still matters, most of these customers do not realize the drastic improvement a new device can make to their experience. If the customer is open to a device upgrade, strongly suggest a make/model that is compatible with Flash Green. A 2 Gigabyte (GB) plan for $39 is likely to be more than sufficient for their needs. After determining the individual’s smartphone dependency/identity as well as their constraints, don’t forget to ask “Where will you use this service?” This is really important, particularly when qualifying a customer for Flash Yellow or Purple. If the customer is in the Low Loyalty/Usage/Dependence segment and they are open to a device upgrade, don’t fight the coverage advantages of Flash Green. The price is the same for 2 GB regardless of network used. Use the Strongest Markets maps located in the Flash Playbooks on ACN Compass. We spend a lot of time analyzing information from the best third-party providers, and our Strongest Market designation is highly accurate when the customer is using a new device. For example, it might be easier to sell a customer an Unlimited Plan on Flash Yellow in Ft Myers, FL (or Jackson, MS or Indio/ Palm Springs, CA or many other cities). But the experience will be dramatically better and your commissions will last longer if you put them on Flash Green. Many of you have seen the RootMetrics app demonstrated at the events (type in “Coverage Map” in your app store browser – iTunes here and Android here). While we will cover this app in an upcoming video, Coverage Map provides the best network qualification for data and voice coverage for newer devices. If performance on a particular block or neighborhood is important, this app will be extremely useful to your customers. The most important thing is to listen and position the best Flash Wireless product for their needs. Don’t try to change an Apple customer to Android unless they express a desire to try a new operating system. Don’t try to sell Unlimited data if the customer does not show signs of high data usage – unlike the major carriers, Flash Wireless prominently offers 2GB, 3GB, and 6GB plans. Each well-placed plan with a newer device on the right network produces a Flash Wireless promoter. You are one conversation away from turning this into a reality! We want to hear how you start the Flash Wireless conversation.  Send your thoughts and comments to and if we select your input for a future article, we’ll comp you or your customers a free month of service.  Thanks again, and happy selling!

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