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It’s HERE! Get Comprehensive Identity Theft Protection With IDSeal

It’s HERE! Get Comprehensive Identity Theft Protection With IDSeal

The wait is OVER! IDSeal is here and ready to revolutionize the Identity Theft Protection industry!

IDSeal offers two comprehensive plans geared towards helping individuals and families keep sensitive information safe and sealed, and free from the grip of identity thieves. The individual plan starts at only $28.99/month, and for just a few dollars more, members can also get protection for up to 10 kids! Yep – 10 kids (under 18)!

Be sure to check out this informative video to learn more about IDSeal and how it works!

Both plans come with a number of features to ensure maximum protection:

      – Credit Monitoring, Credit Reports, and Scores from 3 Credit Bureaus

      – SSN, Email, Credit Card, Bank Account Monitoring

      – Credit Score Tracker and Simulator

      – Social Media Monitoring

      – Sex Offender Monitoring

      – 24/7 Lost Wallet Protection

      – $1 Million in Identity Theft Coverage Insurance; $0 Deductible

So what are you waiting for? Get signed up TODAY!

*Please note:  it is not possible to prevent all identity theft or cybercrime, or to effectively monitor all activity on the internet. IDSeal cannot guarantee complete protection against cybercrime or identity theft.

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