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Is ACN A Pyramid Scheme?

Is ACN A Pyramid Scheme?

ACN, Inc. Changes the Conversation in Powerful, Eye-Opening Video Concord, NC (March 30, 2017) – ACN, Inc., the world’s largest direct seller of telecommunications, energy and essential services for home and business, is addressing one of the biggest challenges in the direct selling industry head on for the first time in a powerful video designed to educate people on what ACN and the direct selling industry are really about. And more importantly, what they aren’t.

“Pyramid Scheme” — it’s a four-letter word in the direct selling and multi-level marketing industries because many people incorrectly assume that legitimate direct selling companies and pyramid schemes are synonymous. The fact is: they couldn’t be more opposite. While there are pyramid schemes out there, more importantly, there are legitimate direct selling companies like ACN who provide individuals with an opportunity to build a home-based business of their own. Educating consumers on the difference has become a priority for ACN.

“Unfortunately the Internet is filled with false information, and we can’t rely on the Internet to tell ACN’s story,” said ACN President and Co-Founder Greg Provenzano. “It’s our job to educate and empower individuals on the facts about ACN, so they can make the best choice for themselves and their families. ACN has shared this powerful and informative video across their YouTube Channel and other social media platforms, and they plan to continue the conversation for as long as it takes for consumers to understand and identify the difference in a pyramid scheme and a legitimate direct selling company like ACN. “ACN has long set a standard of integrity for the direct selling industry to follow, yet the bad business practices of a few companies have polluted the industry for us and other legitimate companies. We’re committed to changing that,” Provenzano said.

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