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New Unlimited Plans launched for NZ Mobile Customers

New Unlimited Mobile Plans launch

ACN is excited to announce the release of two new 2degrees plans – the $85 Unlimited Plan and the $25 Unlimited Pool Plan. These plans offers our customers amazing value especially when sharing the Unlimited data plan with a pool of people.

The $85 Unlimited Plan:

  • Includes unlimited calls and texts to NZ and AUS
  • is NZ’s first unlimited data plan with tethering and hot-spotting enabled
  • allows your customers to use their data how they want, when they want
  • includes a HUGE 40GB of Max Speed Data compared to only 22GB Max Speed Data on their competitor’s unlimited plans – a big advantage for our customers!

$25 Unlimited Pool Plan:

  • The more a customer shares, the cheaper it gets!
  • It’s NZ’s best value, shareable Unlimited data plan that allows 4 people to pay just $40 each (1 Leader + 3 Pool members).
  • Unlike the standard Carryover Pool Plan, this new Unlimited Pool Plan provides each member their own ‘Unlimited NZ Data’ allocation of 40GB max speed each; rather than sharing from a main pool of data.

These plans are a great addition to the currently Pay Monthly offering customers the freedom to have enough data to do what they want, when they want, without the worry of running out. These plans are available for ordering now through our Independent Business Owners.

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