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Smart Home Features Any Millennial Will Love

Smart Home Features Any Millennial Will Love

It’s no surprise that the generation that grew up with tablets, laptops, and smartphones would want a home that is as technologically savvy as they are. When house hunting, a home with smart home features tops the millennial wish list. One of the main features  millennials are looking for in a new home is integrated home technology; 86 percent are even willing to spend more money for smart home technology.*

Some smart home upgrades that tend to appeal to millennial buyers include:

  • Smart thermostats. Smart thermostats learn the temperature preferences of homeowners and automatically adjusts to provide an extra level of comfort and convenience. As a bonus, smart thermostats also provide savings while helping the environment by conserving energy usage.
  • Remote access to homes. The ability to remotely control locks, lights, security, view camera feeds, and more via a smart home app is appealing to most buyers, millennials or otherwise. Knowing you can stay connected to your home wherever you may be, adds peace of mind.
  • Smart locks. A home with smart locks means you never have to be in the middle of your commute and wonder, “Did I lock my doors?” Just use your smart home app to lock or unlock doors, or set custom rules that lock them automatically. They also eliminate the need for spare keys—give guests a unique access code instead of a key—which is particularly convenient for millennials who often host visitors and family.

Ultimately, for millennials, a home that integrates with technology and provides convenience, security, and the ability to enjoy their families and neighborhoods will be a winner.

*Millennials Want Smart Home Tech More Than Anyone”. 2017.

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