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Turning Your Excitement into Action

Wow – what a week!  We are one week into our U.S. launch of Merchant Services, and this product is already taking ACN by storm.  In fact, the idea of getting paid every time someone swipes a credit or debit card is creating momentum that we can’t possibly contain by our U.S. borders, as IBOs around the world are joining in on the excitement.  But that excitement means nothing if you aren’t turning your excitement into action.  How do you maximize Merchant Services in your business?  It’s simple: Talk to people, talk to more people and then talk to the same people again!

Step 1: Talk to People: As soon as Merchant Services hit your storefronts, many of you immediately went out and visited the local business owners you know in your area, and understandably so.  Every business owner is looking to save money on their bottom line, and with Anovia’s no risk, no obligation rewards card promotion, a business owner would be crazy not to at least take the next step.  But don't stop with the business owners you already know – get out in your community and talk to the owners of the businesses you frequent every day.  After all, you’re already their loyal customer – isn’t it time they became yours?  You are going to be visiting these places anyway – you might as well build your residuals in the process. Step 2: Talk to More People It’s not just about customer acquisition; the excitement around Merchant Services is a powerful recruiting tool as well.  Everyone swipes their credit or debit card countless times a day without even thinking about it – so anyone can understand the potential of getting paid on these swipes.  Merchant services has incredible potential to turn someone who might have previously been a “maybe” into an “absolutely”! Step 3: Talk to the Same People Again Speaking of recruiting, we spend a lot of time talking and training on how to approach new prospects, how to properly pique someone’s interest.  But what about people you have spoken to previously about ACN, people that perhaps weren’t interested at the time?  Those people represent a valuable recruiting resource – more so now than ever before.   We’re already hearing countless stories of people who weren’t interested in ACN before, for one reason or another, now signing up given the potential with Merchant Services.  Just because someone said “no” in the past, don't let that stand in your way of getting them to say “yes” now. Don't discount what Merchant Services can mean for your business and your future.  Yes, you are excited – we are too – but being excited is just an emotion, albeit a powerful emotion, but an emotion nonetheless.  It’s easy to sit up and take notice, but it’s only when you get up and take action that your life will truly change.  Remember, if you aren’t talking to people about Merchant Services, someone else certainly is. Until next time, Greg

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