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Vivint Security Integrates with Google Home

You do the talking. Let Google Assistant do the work. Control your home with just the sound of your voice thanks to Vivint Security's integration with Google Home. Install a comprehensive smart home system from Vivint, and you’ll find yourself talking to Google Home like an old friend. Well, an old friend that does whatever you say. From “turn out my lights” to “dim my lights” to “lock my front door,” Google Home and Vivint go together like PB&J. And you can get specific with your requests to Google Assistant:

  • Arm my security system “stay”
  • Arm my security system “away”
  • Set my heat to 70 degrees
  • Set my AC to 72 degrees
  • Turn the heat up two degrees
  • Close my garage door 

Not signed up for Vivint Security yet? Learn more about their services here. Already have Vivint Security Service? Follow the steps below to connect Google Home to your Vivint Smart Home today through the Google Home app.  

  1. Open your Google Home App Note: Before connecting to your Vivint Smart Home, your Google Home device must be fully set up and you must be logged into the Google Home app on your mobile device
  2. Say to your Google Home device “O.K. Google, talk to Vivint (viv-vint)”
  3. On your mobile device in the Google Home app, you will be prompted to link your Vivint Smart Home account. Tap ‘Link’
  4. Log in with your Vivint Smart Home App credentials

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