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Let Go of Comparison: Lessons in Embracing Your Here and Now

Let Go of Comparison: Lessons in Embracing Your Here and Now

By Eli Pacheco


It happens so easily - even in an environment as collaborative as ACN.

You notice someone’s watch, or shoes. Maybe it’s their presence on stage. I want to be there, you think. But I don’t have what they have. No matter where you are in ACN, it’s human nature to look to the IBO in the arena seat next to you or the presenter on stage, and think

I wish I had what he or she has.

Recognition of that disparity can fuel some to achieve, or at least, get started. For others, it’s prohibitive. Even if comparison gives you a little discomfort, it can push you to take action. If it keeps you home from opportunities to pique or train, though …

It’s important to realize that in every stage of promotion and personal development in this company, there are growing pains.

Here are tips to help you overlook what the other guys have, and concentrate on your own path. Setting yourself free from comparison can help you pique your next superstar, reach your next promotion, or even spur you on to register for the next International Training Event!

1-Life happens to us all

When Julia Hartmann Karsenti began ACN about a year ago, she owned two businesses.  Neither, though, emphasized personal development. She began optimistic and motivated, but life events turned her world upside down.

“I quickly understood how personal development powers up your business by the simple fact of understanding human beings,” Julia says. In what she calls the  “hardest year” of her life, her businesses collapsed and her partner was seriously injured in an accident.

Her relationship fell apart, and she was left without a home or income. “ACN was still there,” says Julia, who continued to work on her ACN business. Leaders, including her brother, Audric, recommended books to help move Julia to a better place in life.

“That brought me a little light,” Julia said, “but not enough to get me back on my feet.”

Comparison at that point might have sunk Julia’s dreams right there. But then ACN leaders  encouraged her to come to International Training - not promoting ACN, but as a vehicle for personal development and what it could mean to her life.

“The convention taught me to make goals, personal goals, even the smallest ones to start and this helped me back on my feet,” Julia says.


Comparison does little good when you’re fighting for survival. You’re better off plugged into your ACN network at your toughest times and also when business is thriving.

2-You don’t know what you don’t know

Matthieu Racette worked with Audric for 40 hours a week when they started their ACN businesses. Unfamiliar with the system of training, the pair nonetheless pressed on.

“We started ACN after work at 5 p.m. and finished at 11 p.m. or midnight every day for the first few years,” Matthieu says.

Today, Audric is RVP and Matthieu is on his way to RD. These two didn’t waver on their goals of achieving success in business, and weren’t discouraged by seeing success happen around them. In fact, their teammates’ wins inspired them to keep moving.


Don’t let what others know deter you from wanting to learn more! The best way to acquire knowledge is to attend training, especially International Events.

3-Confront your inner critic

Agapi Stassinopoulos wrote the book Unbinding the Heart. In a post she wrote on Huffington Post, she called the part of us that must compare ourselves to others as our Negative Ego. “These comparisons stand between us and our authentic selves,” she wrote.

Often, our inner critic is behind comparison to others. Our inner critic develops after years of hearing negative messages externally. They begin to form in our own voice, and discourage us at times we need encouragement most.


Agapi suggests in her post these steps to help overcome this critic:

1-Gain self awareness: “Create distance between our internal critics and ourselves. Only then can we objectively look at it, and decide to take our power back.”

2-Have true presence: “Finding ourselves in the moment rather than being constantly distracted by self-criticism and comparisons. Embrace the uniqueness of who we truly are.”

3-Practice daily: “If we can focus ourselves on becoming the best we can be, rather than trying to be better than others, we will have no reason to compare.”


Counting your blessings and embracing your strengths can go a long way to vanquish comparison. You’re in a wonderful company that values personal development. You had the courage to pursue a business that didn’t follow the traditional business route.

And it’s a path you’ve chosen as your own. What can you add to it to make the most of it? Mentorship, reading, and International Training Events can boost your journey.

“Each one of us has a winding path of different struggles,” Julia says. “But for me and I am sure for many others, training events bring much more than learning how to build a business. Training gives us tools to get through those hard times in life, personal and work related, to advance, to grow personally and to confront our biggest fear, the fear to fail.”

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