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Who is ACN?

Network marketing. You’ve heard of it. Your friends and family have heard of it and your potential customers and IBOs have heard of it. Sometimes when people hear networking marketing, they also hear pyramid scheme. These two phrases are NOT synonymous. In fact, pyramid schemes are illegal and the majority of network marketing companies are NOT pyramid schemes. When presenting at PBRs or just speaking to people about ACN, you may have to run some defense. It’s okay, it happens, and we are here to help you.  We have developed the website,, to educate the public about our company and the Opportunity we have to share. This mobile-friendly website, available in three languages contains:

  • A snapshot of all the numerous third party publications that have featured ACN over the years
  • ACN’s many global partners and affiliations
  • Over 100 marketing and industry awards ACN has won - and counting
  • The ACN Opportunity Video designed to give an overview of ACN
  • The “Is ACN A Pyramid Scheme?” Video designed to once and for all answer that question
  • A link to the ACN e-Mag app
  • Access to the Business Opportunity Overview and Presentation - to make sharing the ACN Opportunity with friends and family simple and accessible for the new person or prospect

Be a part of the solution and help spread the word about who ACN really is!

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